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Milling Machine Applications
Dec 21, 2018

The milling machine is a special mechanical equipment for road and urban road maintenance operations. It is mainly used to remove pavement diseases such as ruts, cracks, shovel and pits on the road surface and the brushing treatment of cement concrete pavement. Milling damaged old paving with road milling machine is the most economical modern curing method. It has high working efficiency, simple construction process, easy milling control, convenient operation and flexibility, and good maneuverability. Milled old materials can be directly recycled and used, and are therefore widely used in urban municipal roads and highway maintenance projects.

Milling machine features

1. Milling the road surface with a milling machine can quickly and effectively treat road surface diseases and keep the road surface flat.

2. The road renovation project uses the milling process to maintain the horizontal elevation of the original road surface. The milling process can cut off the damaged road surface, fill the original space with new materials, and after compaction, it is equal to the original road surface to maintain the original horizontal elevation of the road surface. This makes the road load passing through the viaduct or overpass culvert not to the bridge body. The impact load is generated and the bridge and culvert are unchanged through the elevation.

3. Ensure a good combination of new and old pavement materials and improve their service life. The milling process can make the side and bottom of the packing pit uniform and uniform in depth, forming a tooth-shaped geometric surface that is easy to be combined with new and old materials, so that the service life of the new road surface after the renovation is greatly improved.

4. It is beneficial to the recycling of old pavement materials. Since the cutting depth can be grasped, the milled material is not only clean and regular small particles, but can be recycled on site or in a fixed stock yard without further crushing, which greatly reduces the construction cost and is also an environmental protection measure.

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